AP Calls Dead Baby “Fetus”

Over the past few days, the Associated Pres has been reporting on a teen mother who was found carrying her dead baby in a bag. The baby had been born alive the previous day and later asphyxiated. It was initially unclear whether the child was stillborn.

The Associated Press writers repeatedly called the dead baby a “fetus” even after initial reports indicated that the baby was born alive. This reflects an escalating trend of devaluing human live in the mainstream media.

While it is standard media practice to refer to an unborn/stillborn child as a fetus (which is a debate for another day), it now appears that presumption favors the use of “fetus” in cases of uncertainty. The initial AP story called the dead baby a “fetus” four times in a five paragraph story.

As more information became available, the AP continued to use the term “fetus.”

Preliminary reports from detectives suggest the fetus was born alive and possibly had been asphyxiated

Even if you believe that a fetus is something less than human, shouldn’t the benefit of the doubt favor humanity? Even with scientific evidence to the contrary, the Associated Press denied this child’s humanity. Are retractions only granted for those who can voice protest?


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