I’ll Have a Route 44 Diet Strawberry Limeade No Ice Please

strawberry limeadeIn honor of our annual correspondence day with the IRS, Sonic is having happy hour all day today. That means I can get a route 44 diet strawberry limeade any time today and only have to pay half price. Yeah, I’m going.

Sonic limeades are one of my few guilty pleasures, and their happy hour (2-4pm) is pretty much perfectly timed. Just as you’re starting to get sleepy on long trips, Sonic puts all their drinks on sale. Just a little over a dollar for 44 ounces of tangy strawberry goodness? Nice.

I only have two complaints about sonic. First, they can be a bit difficult to find off of the interstate. We usually have to search for one using our GPS. Second, they fold and tape the receipt to the cup with a massive sticker. When you’re trying to save receipts, this poses a bit of a challenge. Our expense reports are riddled with some pretty rough-looking sonic receipts.

Here’s a hint: Always ask for no ice. The drink is already cold and comes in an insulated cup. If you’re like me, the drink will be long gone before it has a chance to warm up. So, why not have twice as much without the ice?

Now if only the IRS would have a happy hour…

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